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7PM - Various Improvised Plays
7PM - Various Improvised Plays







 Great things come in twos! Wednesday nights at 8:30pm in Seattle the Market Theater will showcase some of the best and freshest comedy and improv duos in the northwest!

If you are an improviser or want to try to be one then sign up your duo for this improv open mic. We also accept stand-up comedy and sketch.... as long as it comes in pairs!

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The Market Theater is located down Post Alley at 1st & Pike in historic Pike Place Market behind the world famous Gum Wall! It's a 200 seat theater with a full bar available. Unexpected Productions is proud to be part of the Pike Place Market for over 20 years. UP has been serving the Seattle comedy scene for over 30 years!

Market Theater - 1428 Post Alley, Seattle WA 98101 (Pike Place Market)

Black Box Theatre - UP North

DIRECTIONS: From Seattle take I-5 N to Lynnwood WA. 44th Ave W exit. From 44th Ave go  left on 196th St SW, pass Hwy 99. Left on 68th Ave W. Pass main entrance to EDMONDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE 200th) Go right on 204th. Follow to end then go right. BLACK BOX THEATRE is there in Mukilteo Hall.  map


Q - How and when did The Duo Improv Showcase start?

JAY - First, I want to say improv duos aren't an original thing. Duo shows have been popping up all over the nation. Our Seattle showcase may be one of the longest consistently running showcases around, but improv duo performances have been around quite a while. Even here in Seattle in the 90's UP ran a duo Theatresports on Sunday nights for a while. It wasn't revolutionary. We did it out of necessity. We had trouble casting a Sunday show, so 2 on 2 helped solve the problem.

The UP Duo Improv Showcase in Seattle Started Thursday Aug 21, 2008.
I started managing Unexpected Productions at the end of 2006. At the time, we didn't have anything going on Thursday nights other than an occasional student showcase. I thought a night where the improviser could sign up to do whatever they wanted, as long as it strives for entertainment, was a good fit for our improv company, especially since we had already done everything else. I got lots of excitement from the UP cast, then started signing people up way in advance to be part of the show. It opened Thursday, 8/21/08. It was only supposed to run about 3 month, to October 2008. Then, because of the popularity with the performers (certainly not the audience!) we extended it through Feb 2009. Other improv companies and upper level students caught wind of it and wanted to be part of it, so it kept getting extended. Then we wanted to start a long form night. The new long-form night began taking over Thursday's in April 2010 and the Duo Improv Showcase was moved to Wednesdays, Playground, formally on Wed's, moved to Mondays. All 3 have stayed on this night ever since.

Q - Who was your Duo inspiration?

JAY - I've always been a big fan of duos, comic or other, all my life. I grew up loving Hope and Crosby road movies, and still watch them. As a kid, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Laurel & Hardy were also influences but not as much as Cheech and Chong. I loved those guys. I appreciate the chemistry and dynamics of duos and teams. Buddy cop movies and dancing duos also inspired me. Another one of my favorite childhood duos is Alan Alda and Mike Farell in MASH as Hawkeye and Hunnicutt. I'm a big fan of witty banter while operating on a gunshot wound victim.
The first live improv duo I saw in the late 80's was Scott Creighton and Randy Dixon. (It was not Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. I saw them later at Bumbershoot!). They were a Theatresports team that kept winning and coming back for over 20 consecutive weeks. They blew my mind.
In the 90's I toured the seedy underbelly of a stand up comedy circuit as part of a duo Capp & Hitt with my friend from college Mike Capp. Some of the shows were rough but it seasoned me as a performer.

Q - How has duos evolved over the past 10 years?

JAY - In the beginning, we would have 3 to 4 duos performing on that night. It was run like a professional Stand-up Comedy show. We'd have one or two openers doing around 10 or 15 min, feature act for 20-30, then the headliners doing 30-45 min. As more and more people wanted to be a part of it, I increased the number of acts and cut down the time. Tournaments were added and happen every couple of years. Now It's run more like an open mic, capped at around 12 with a group scene that offers the singles and duos who did make it up that night a chance for stage time, no matter the experience level. We also have monthly theme nights too. The general audience has found it as well. In the earlier days, it wasn't uncommon for us to have 5 or 10 paying audience members. Now it's not uncommon for us to have over 60.

Q - What do you hope the performers take away from being a part of Duos?

JAY - It's fun to watch a green improviser grow into a solid performer. I also like watching the veteran performers try new things and dust off old skills that have lied dormant. The best thing is it gives the newbies a chance to work with the vets. This usually makes for a great act because the newbies are focused and on top of their game while the vets are are on their game as well trying not to let down the rookie.

Q - What should the audience expect to see at Duos show and what do you hope they walk away with?

JAY - They will expect to see a well rounded show with spectacularly magical improv scenes mixed with complete and utter train wrecks! Just like many open mics and even karaoke, it will always be a good time and is never a waste of money. Tickets and drinks are really cheap that night.

Q - Please describe the Duos community?

JAY - The duo community represents a microcosm of Seattle's entire improv community. It often has the same feel of an improv festival. You'll see performers and students from every improv organization and group around (not just UP). You'll find traveling improvisers looking for a venue to perform. There'll be may duos working on their act they may be performing on a future weekend or for a festival. It's very welcoming. Many times someone who comes in with out knowing anyone, leaves with connections and friends. It's even lead to the development of new groups and shows. We have a yearly International Trio night that happens during our big improv festival.

Q - Where do you think Duos will be in the future?

JAY - I don't know. Like improv, I'm sure it will evolve the way it's supposed to. I don't want to control it's journey! Maybe we'll start getting some celebrities. I don't know!


Economy Market
The Market Theater is located below this building (Economy Market) down the alley at the corner of 1st and Pike.
Above the Market Theater

Gum Wall
Gum Wall
Outside the Market Theater

2nd germiest place in the world next to the Blarney Stone in Ireland. Started by people standing in line for Theatresports.

The Improv School Stage

On stage at The UP Improv School in Georgetown - by Unexpected Productions Seattle.

Black Box Theatre

Black Box Theatre
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